Missed out on the 2019 London Marathon ballot?

Looking for a challenge with a purpose for 2019?

Why not apply for the This Is EPIC charity place at the 2019 London Marathon! The London Marathon is an amazing event where you will join 40,000 runners on an iconic route cheered on by thousands of supporters. By supporting This Is EPIC you’ll be empowering thousands of people in Africa to help themselves overcome poverty in a sustainable way.

Applications for the This Is EPIC charity place at the 2019 London Marathon close on the 20th December and we will announce the successful applicant on the 31st December.

If your application is successful we will provide as much support as possible, including;

  • Fundraising advice
  • Training advice
  • A technical This Is EPIC running vest or t-shirt
Tell us why we should select you for our 2019 London Marathon Charity Place?
Tell us why you want to support and raise money for This Is EPIC?
Tell us how much money you believe you will raise and explain how you hope to raise the money?
Would you be interested in a visit to Uganda to see first-hand the impact of the money you raise?


Our work focuses on empowering community driven change and providing a help up rather than a handout.